Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To play keeping-up-with-the-Blaghs-es, here is a less than sober picture of Morgan and I.


This is probably the cutest/most-happiness-inducing goth rock video I've ever seen.


I have this whole huge thing about Xiu Xiu I want to write someday. I'll spare you the gory details now, but it schizophrenically veers something between social criticism and muso-historico fan fiction.

'Til then, any nice thing anyone says about Xiu Xiu still feels like a nice thing someone says about me. Like, oh, for example, the New York Times. They reviewed a Xiu Xiu show from a few days ago and had this to say:

In one sense, Xiu Xiu, which preceded Merzbow on the evening’s bill, is a completely different animal. It’s a songwriting outfit, the project of the hyper-gifted singer and musician Jamie Stewart, who has definitely heard a few records by the Cure and Joy Division. But Mr. Stewart is on a similarly brave and stoical walk through the dark side: he’s committed to both seducing and burning his listeners.

He pushed his voice from careful and confidential to breathy and overwrought, to the trembly verges of fear and excitement, obliquely referring to sex and trauma in his lyrics; the music followed a precise trail of ’80s-sounding electronic rhythm, guitar solos and cymbal crashes. Working with backing tracks and only one other musician, Angela Seo, on keyboards and percussion, Mr. Stewart worked hard to reproduce the density of Xiu Xiu’s albums; as he sweated over the music’s details, he seemed like a man who gets no rest.

Duh, old grey lady!

How long has it been since I've posted a Parenthetical Girls video? Is this a Parenthetical Girls fan blog? Maybe. Maybe.

Another Thing I Like

I think that the two people who read this blog went to An Evening with PFFR at the Roxie, and for that I thank you immensely. I don't need to tell you how much fun it was, because you and eighty paying customers (and probably twenty other freeloaders on top of that) had a real yuk/yuck/oooh!/ewww! fest on Sunday night.

Delocated went unmentioned during the program. It's a show they produce with Jon Glaser (who stars in it) for [adult swim], and it's probably the funniest live action thing that little network has ever done, and I'm even including Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (which I love, don't get me wrong, but a.) is not as awesome as Delocated, and b.) has never had a recurring character named Mighty Joe Jon The Black Blonde).

The two pictures in this post are stills from a montage in a recent episode. It made me laugh very, very, very hard. The back story would require thirteen pages of posts, but let's say that the dude in the picture is actually the main character who had his face secretly transplanted on top of the Russian gangster who is trying to murder him (because the technology from the movie Face/Off, a Secret Service agent whispers, is real) only to get surprise married to the Arab heiress of a competing crime family. You can watch the show for free on, but don't watch it in your bed, because you will have to do laundry the next day, because you will wet your sheets with laughter from watching it.

[name removed] made my day take a one hundred and eighty degree turn with this e-mail...

To make a long story short, I got what I am 98% sure is food poisoning on Saturday, and spent the next sixty hours in a state that can only be summarized as "wet horror" (sorry for calling a spade a spade). Worse than that, though, it had rendered me as a way less-than-charitable personality, one of the traits of which was an assurance that I would never, ever be happy again. Today, I was so angry that I came close to imploding in on myself. That is, until I received this e-mail from [name removed]:

From: [name removed]
To: [wife], [pal], me
Subject: So...
Used to do business (back in the -igita--- --------- Te--no-og--s days) with a company called Orca. They made inflatable jackets that seafarers might wear in lieu of always having a spare lifejacket around. You'd pull the cord and presto, instant life jacket. Well for some reason I decided to see if they were still at it—and they are—but they are now called Landfall Technologies or something. But that's the boring part. My inquiry got much more interesting when I searched for "orca inflatable jacket." This is the link I got:

Enjoy. And, really, enjoy the rest of the site too. I'm too embarrassed to, being at work. But I did catch some of those thumbnails and boy are they special.

A hundred and ten seconds later, the same person followed up with this e-mail, with a subject: "re: So..."

I think this one takes the cake:

If you don't want to click on that, let me assure you. It does take the cake. Or, rather, the trough.

Monday, September 6, 2010