Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Okay, here we go. I found it.

To continue on the last post a little bit, they played Aquarius Records last year. It was great, and I am not (too ashamed) to say that this song made me tear up and I probably had to wipe my eyes on my sleeve.

Two arbiters of 1990s cool

'From a Motel 6' by Yo La Tengo, as directed by Hal Hartley. I had this on a cherished VHS called "What's Up, Matador?"

Yo La Tengo were one of my favorite bands in middle and high school. I struck up a brief correspondance with them (via postcards! Made of paper!) and used a guitar tuning Ira Kaplan told me about for a long time. They sort of lost me after 'And then nothing turned itself inside out', but I think basically everything from 'Ride the Tiger' through on to 'I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One' is fantastic. (Their last record,'Popular Songs', is actually sort of killer, if a little long.)

I might follow up this post in a second if I can find the right video...

Too cute.

It almost went off the rails.

Did you know that Ben and Billy put a roller coaster in their house?

I built a temporary house in a settlement called BlurbTown. The walls are made of words, and the roof is built out of procrastination.

The first draft of the Roxie's next calendar is due tomorrow, so I've been writing a lot of three and four sentence movie blurbs the last couple of days. Sometimes I write three sentences about the making of the movie and one sentence about the plot, but sometimes I write three sentences about the plot and one sentence about the making of the movie. ISN'T THAT AWESOME?!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The space cat is out of the space bag.

You got me! You were right!

I didn't actually work tonight. Judi and I went to outer space. The moon, if I must be exact. I was surprised, because I thought that the whole there's-no-oxygen-in-space thing was a myth perpetuated by the USA's fraudalent educational system. I wrong.

Judi was smart, 'cause she held her breath.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Now that the nostalgia binge is over, let's discuss the more recent past.

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass was this weekend. I attended Saturday's show, which had a line-up of my popular favorites from 2000 - 2004 (Jonathan Richman! Conor Oberst! Bonnie 'Prince' Billy!).

JR's sound was shitty, so I'm not going to say anything about that.

Conor Oberst? Man, oh, man. From those first couple of accordion notes of 'Laura Laurent' to the blown-out double-drummer rager he made of 'Poison Oak', dude had me enthralled. I could go on ("and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on" - Bright Eyes reference, big lolz!) about it, but I'll just say that his songs that made me tear up still make me tear up and we will leave it at that.

I hope that Will Oldham got out of San Francisco safely, because he's probably wanted by the SFPD for TOTALLY KILLING IT.

Through a total and complete breakdown of modern telecommunications and public transportation, I had to walk back to the Mission from 25th & Irving in the Outer Sunset. If I could put some little map illustrating my journey, I would, but take it from me that the distance is literally six hundred miles.

I want to die in hell and come back as a good book.

One more from the same show. This was my third favorite song to play, I think, behind "The Ambulance" and "Birds Made of Smaller Birds". Also, the sample I trigger at the end is my favorite sound of all time, ever.

Here is a video from a goth rock band I played drums in.

COMA was Tom (playing guitar and keyboard and singing, in the center of the picture here, handsome), Bryan (playing keyboard and guitar, to the left of the frame, captured here with a rare shaved head) and I (playing drums thru guitar pedals, washed-out face, long hair). We were joined for this song by our dear friend Sarah Paul. She wrote a song called "Adopted, Deported" that we covered a lot.

That song is on our only LP, "Megapony", which I'm more proud of than most things I've done. We really hit our stride as a band a couple of months before spreading out across the country - Tom to Brooklyn and me to San Francisco. Tom video taped all the shows we did in the last couple months, and I'd love to see them some day.

Please Note: Tom and Bryan still play awesome music together under the name Tom is New Each Moment. It's less goth, but aren't we all now a little less black eyeliner?

Please stop looking sad, Nanette!

Right now it's 1:01am and I've been watching a screener about a forty year old orangutan in a Parisian zoo for the past eight minutes. The movie is close-ups of her face, with audio of zoo visitors conjecturing about her day-to-day existence. Now, a zoo keeper is talking. It is excruciatingly sad.

I worked in the Oakland Zoo for six days when I first moved to San Francisco.

(Oh god, now the zoo keeper is talking about how she'll miss Nanette if she dies during a routine operation.)

At the Oakland Zoo, I found out that they make ape/monkey cage glass out of the same shatter proof material as car windshields. One night after work I walked through the zoo to get to the bus stop. I made the mistake of passing the simian section. They were wailing and screaming and pounding the not-glass-in-the-strict-definition-of-the-word with their fists. The next morning, I saw a two-man crew replacing it.